Monday, November 2, 2009

TV - October 2009

So Channels 50, 51, and 52 show children's shows. Channel 50 is our favorite, Jetix. Channel 51 shows Cartoon Network most of the time; in the mornings it plays TCM--Turner Classic Movies--in English, no subtitles. Channel 52 shows Nickelodeon.

Jetix plays our favorite shows, which usually come on one after the other. Sophia's is a show called "Kid Versus Kat." Same name in Russian, just with a heavy Russian accent. A boy and his sister's cat spent most of the show plotting against each other. Many of the shows on Jetix seem to be originally from Canada--some say in the credits that they were made in Canada, others have a bunch of French and English names in the credits.

My favorite show grabbed my attention when I first saw it; I think it has me intrigued and amazed that someone actually made this show. There's a girl with pink hair, a pink mini-dress, pink tights, and pink tennis shoes; she hangs out with with a bunch of puppet-children, in a town that also has a puppet-mayor and one other puppet-adult. Their hero is Sportacus, a real man dressed in blue-and-white spandex who eats apples and is always jumping around and doing gymnastics. At the end of each show they all sing and to a dancey-techno type song. There is a bad guy too, Robbie or Rodney Rotten, who also dresses in spandex. He doesn't sing or dance, though.

The show is originally in English; every now and then there are written words (such as when someone wrote a letter to Sportacus) and those are in English. I think in the credits it says it was made in Iceland. It can't be American. American men don't wear spandex and jump around doing splits and somersaults.

The music is catchy, and the plot is simple enough to follow. Apples and vegetables are good; they give Sportacus and the children lots of energy. Candy is bad; one bit of candy makes Sportacus very sick. The bad guy is dumb, and usually falls into his own traps.

Still, I'm amazed that someone made this show.

And I just figured out why they never show my show when the advertisement says it will. At least, I think I figured out why. When it says "19:00", which means 7:00 pm, it does not show it at 7:00 pm. I bet that's 7:00 pm Moscow time (or who knows? Some other country or location?) I'll have to see.

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