Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Squatters - Saturday, 31 October 2009

Sophia will not be pleased should she learn that I've told this story, so don't mention it should you ever see her!

At the indoor market/bazaar by Artyom, she announced that she had to use the bathroom, and immediately. A saleslady told us how to get to the toilets, and I was relieved to learn that there were toilets here!

We paid 35 T, and Valerie reminded us to take some of the toilet paper the attendant had out! We then went into the women's bathroom.

I immediately rolled up my pant's legs, as the ground was soaking wet and dirty. There were four stalls and no toilets--just squatters. Valerie had warned us that they might be squatters.

I've had to use squatters before, in Paris, but Sophia hasn't. A squatter is a hole in the floor, with places to put her feet on either side. You squat and go--hence, squatter.

Sophia has been camping and hiking and has done fine going behind a tree. But here, she had to go Number 2.

As you can imagine, it wasn't a pleasant experience. I was thankful that I had tissue in my purse, as we needed more than measly allowance of toilet paper that we had. I wasn't prepared for the flush! Water gushed out in a stream, flooding the entire bathroom floor. Now I know why it was so wet!

So we survived our first encounter with a nasty, filthy squatter. Next time, we'll make sure we go before we leave the house!

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