Thursday, October 22, 2009

Speaking the Language - Thursday, 7 October 2009

Speaking the Language
I've had several occasions where someone tries to speak to me in Russian, and even when I explain that I cannot understand, they try and try to talk to me. I do not know if what they are trying to tell me is important, or if I should just walk off. It can get frustrating. I talked to Valerie about this, and she does not have this problem. I learned the reason why: She really speaks no Russian. She answers in English, "I don't speak Russian," and she is left alone. I answer in Russian, "Ya ne ponimayu po-russki" and I am not left alone.

Today I learned the benefits of not speaking any Russian. The other day, in the supermarket, someone who works there tried to explain something to me in Russian and I did not understand. She finally gave up, after Sophia dropped the bottle of Sprite she was carrying and it splashed all over the lady. (Oops!)

Today a man who worked there tried to tell me something. I did not speak any Russian, and soon learned through mimes that we could not take our bookbags into the store, and there were lockers available to put our bags in.

So my little bit of Russian can actually be a handicap.

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