Thursday, October 22, 2009

Misbehavior - Thursday, 7 October 2009

Today I had had enough. Alex was in the front of the room, in the corner behind the teacher's desk, behind the TV on the small cabinet that the TV is on. Something there seemed to be greatly amusing him, which obviously is not a good thing for me.

Another boy was with him, but he quickly returned to his seat when I came over. I had to drag Alex away. If you've worked in a school such as Laurens Elementary, you understand what I mean when I say that it can be extremely difficult to move a small child who does not want to be moved. He may be small and weigh very little, but he can be very very tough and strong. Imagine prying a hamster away from a cage when he has his little claws tightly wrapped around the bars, now imagine a much larger hamster with kicking and flailing legs. Now you have a bit of the idea.

He wrapped his legs around the TV and computer cords and they came unplugged as I pulled him away, determined not to lose. I dragged him all the way into the hallway, where he stuck his tongue out at me and made various faces at me before pretending to kick me. (If he wasn't pretending, then he's a horrible kicker!)

He later ran back into the room, but I dragged him back out again. One of the Kazakh teachers saw him and told me not to worry. Later, the Russian teacher talked to him. I don't know what they think of me, but I am not putting up with that in my class. I still have faith that he will learn. That he can be taught.

Why do rich Kazakh kids act the same as poor Laurens kids?Spoiled!!

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