Friday, October 30, 2009

Better Behavior - Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Better Behavior

So I introduced my behavior system today. The Kazakh teachers were behind it and helped to explain it in Russian. Although, it is quite simple to explain. "Good student--1 star. 7 stars--1 sticker." The students were MUCH better behaved. We met on the rug again, and I reviewed again the rug rules. (Again, very simple rules. I have drawn simple stick figures to illustrate the rules--"Sit quietly. Hands in lap. Sit in a circle, not in the middle." That is, I want them sitting around the edge of the rug, in a circle, so I can see everyone.)

I had two periods of English in a row, and we did not do everything that I had planned, but this was not due to poor behavior, which is the usual reason for not finishing. I was extremely happy with the improvement in behavior. Matthew and Alexis did not earn stars, but they weren't atrociously awful either.

These children can improve. I've seen 5th grade--they are perfect. So there is hope for the first graders, and my sanity!

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