Monday, March 26, 2012

A French Cafe

Almost exactly a year ago, I went to a cute French cafe located behind the Radisson Hotel. This past Wednesday, I took my mom and Sophia on a walk through the snow-filled Central Park, across the pedestrian bridge, and to this cafe.

Inside, my mom first followed a waiter into the section on the right, a dark room with tall plush chairs and men smoking a hookah. We quickly turned and went into the cheery, sun-filled cafe-like side.

We ordered food and drinks, after which we had dessert. My ginger-and-honey coffee was quite delicious.

Mom ordered French onion soup, of which there was a picture. What came out was yellow, not brown--and French onion soup should be brown (and the picture showed brown soup). Mom ate it but said it was more like "cream of onion" soup than French onion and she didn't finish it.

Sophia loved her grilled cheese sandwich (something really simple) and my "Asian-style" beef and vegetables was rather good.

Then we ordered dessert. I ordered tiramisu, Mom ordered the banana tort, Sophia ordered the waffle.

My tiramasu cost 1200 Tenge -- about $8 -- and was only okay, definitely not worth $8! Mom's tort was good but did not look like the picture. Sophia's waffle took close to an hour to come out, and the wait staff did not even try to be helpful. I asked several times about it, only to be told, "Ok, ok" or "ten more minutes". And she didn't even like it! (It was good, but had a vanilla-like flavor to it, which she didn't like. And I was way too full to finish it for her.)

The bill was about 1200 Tenge, too much to pay for only a so-so dining experience. And last year the experience had been so pleasant!

I might go there again for coffee, though...

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