Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nauryz/Nauriz 2012

Nauryz (also spelled Nauriz) is the Kazakh word for March, and it's also the name of the big spring holiday here that celebrates the first day of spring, despite the fact that we're still a winter wonderland at this time of year.

This year, Nauryz will be celebrated Thursday, 22 March.

I'm typing this post quickly to update anyone in Astana on what I know is going on for Nauryz this year. I know that I know very little, there probably is a lot more going on than what I will post here.

Each year I go to the celebrations by Beyterek Tower. (See my entries from 2010--part 1 and part 2--and 2011.) It's not super-fancy, but there are yurts there, people in local costumes, and some singing and dancing. Last year there was arm wrestling and real wrestling; two years ago there was a camel and some Kazakh swings (large swings that fit about 6 people, standing).

I read on-line that "Lovers' Park"--the park across from Khan Shatyr--will have some stuff (singing, dancing, etc) for Nauryz.

Also, all the malls usually have something--dancing, singing, etc--and are usually super-crowded.

Today (Wednesday) and tomorrow Mega Mall has an exhibition where you can buy handmade things. We're going to go later today.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Congress Hall is having an exhibition, from what I can tell, this also will include handmade items and local items and items for sale. Also, across from Congress Hall I saw them setting up yurts and stages for something to happen tomorrow.

The Opera House will have a free Kazakh opera on Thursday, at 3:00 pm. Friends who went last year said that they didn't have to buy tickets in advance.

That's all that I know about. Feel free to add a comment if you know about something else!

*UPDATE: There was nothing at Beiterek Tower this year, surprising myself and several others. The park across from Khan Shatyr had plenty (yurts, music, dancing, wrestling, swings, horse & pony rides) and I was told that across from Congress Hall there was stuff.

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