Monday, September 5, 2011

The Exploding Light Bulb

It didn't really explode, although it looked like it did. This morning, Sophia was sitting on the couch, eating breakfast, when I turned on the lights. We have a chandelier in the living room as well as something that may perhaps be called "track lighting" - multiple small lights in the ceiling, in a line.

I heard a noise, sparks flew, and one of the small light bulbs fell and bounced off Sophia's head. There were enough sparks and enough noise to really have me worried. Sophia sat in stunned silence for a short while.

She was fine, just stunned. The sparks didn't cause a fire, and amazingly, the light bulb is in one piece.

This has happened before, but never on Sophia's head. Light bulbs in Kazakhstan aren't content to simply die, they must go out with a bang.

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