Sunday, September 4, 2011

We're Back!

For the third year in the row, I arrived in Kazakhstan later than I had planned. My first year, I arrived a full month later than planned, due to issues with getting the letter of invitation; my second year, I arrived a full week later than planned, due to the Kazakhstan Embassy in Washington, DC, taking 5 weeks to process Sophia's visa. This year, they processed our visas in just one day, and I was excited to finally arrive on time.

No such luck--we were to fly from Charlotte, NC, to Newark, NJ; from there to Frankfurt and then to Astana. Due to bad weather in Newark, our first flight was delayed. Meaning--we would miss our connection in Newark and subsequently our connection in Frankfurt. The next Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt to Astana was two days later, so we had to stay in Charlotte two extra days.

Of course, US Airways offered nothing for our problems.

However, we did finally make it here, 4 days before teachers started work, so that's better than previous years, when I had to start work immediately. Maybe next year we'll arrive on time!

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