Thursday, July 31, 2014

Exporting Pets from Kazakhstan

I have never had to take a pet out of Kazakhstan, but I have had friends who have. From what I have heard, it is an absolute nightmare, even if you thought you brought your pet to Kazakhstan completely prepared with documents, etc.

First and foremost, make sure you have a pet passport. (Health passports are common in Kazakhstan, every person has one for themself.)

Secondly, don't go off the advice on this blog. I have never done this, plus countries' rules and regulations are subject to change at any moment.

I met a British woman who wrote up her experience and can be contacted through the Astana International Club. I recommend doing this. She just exported her pet in June or July 2014.

Here is what I do know:

To leave Kazkahstan, an extensive amount of paperwork is required. Including a rabies check. Including small amounts of exact-change being paid via various banks. There's some ministry hidden somewhere that you'll have to visit. This doesn't sound too bad, but I do know that everyone who had to go through this process accrued enormous headaches. Also, a friend who left with her cat mistakenly thought that one needed form had to be acquired immediately prior to the flight; when she went to get it a few days before her flight, she learned that the form would take a minimum of two weeks to process. Luckily, someone managed to work some magic for her and her cat did make it to the US with her as scheduled.

I have also learned that to get into the European Union, an additional amount of hassle is required, because the EU has a bunch of rules. Including a paper that needs to be stamped by a Kazakhstan government official, and Kazakhstan government officials won't stamp paperwork that didn't come from them.

I also learned that the vet I go to, Zoosfera, has been recommended to foreigners, because the vets here seem to know the process.

All the pets that I have known have made it safely out of Kazakhstan and to their homes in other countries. But not without immense hassle on the parts of their owners. If you think you may everyleave Kazakhstan with a pet, please make sure you start asking around very early.

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