Monday, September 17, 2012

Bike Shops / Sports Stores

This is somewhat of an update on my previous post about a bike shop in Astana.

About a week ago, we went to the bike shop that's on the other side of the river.  At one point I'll finally remember its name, it's something like Limpopo.  I was with my Kazakh friend, and we asked a worker to help fix my handlebars, which were loose (and easy to fix with the correct tools).  I had my friend ask if they could do check-ups or maintenance on bikes, he said no, they only do that on bikes that they sold.  (Bikes there are expensive.)  He said he thought that the other bike shop--far away from us--did that.

She also asked if they sold mirrors for bikes.  He said no, and he said it was because they are a sports store, and sell things for athletes, and athletes are concerned about weight, and mirrors add weight.

Then we went inside the store and saw that they sold, amongst other things, huge luggage bags, bells, and baby seats and baby trailers.  I couldn't help thinking, Does Lance Armstrong bring along his baby during his races?

A sports store called Sportsmaster opened last spring in the Mega shopping mall.  Sportsmaster is also located across the street from the Artyom shopping center/bazaar.  The one in Mega is where I bought Sophia's bike, and they have a limited selection of biking gear.  My friend bought her helmet light here.  There is one worker who speaks English rather well, he always seems to hear me and come running, happy to help. 

Just an update on sports stores.  It's definitely nice to have one near our home!


  1. Hi I have recently moved to Astana from the UK. Enjoyed reading your blog too :)
    I have s bike question you may be able to help with.. I have seen bikes in mega and Khan shatyr but can't find a baby seat (I have a 2 and a half year old) any ideas where I should look ?

  2. Hi! Sorry, I don't get one here very much anymore! Hopefully you've found something by now. If you haven't, try Limpopo, I think I've seen them there.