Saturday, December 24, 2011

Freezing Cold

December 2012

Last year, when we left Astana for South Carolina, USA, there was almost no snow on the ground. I don't remember how cold it was, but I don't remember being freezing.

This year, temperatures dropped to -30 Celsius. I didn't wear my ski goggles--not that cold yet--but I did carry them with me to school a couple times, just in case.

Even Sophia admitted to being cold and willingly put in gloves (usually after we'd been outside for a while). I learned how great snow pants are, using a pair I'd bought from a co-worker last year.

Also, there's been a lot of snow. This part has been good. The kids at school have already been digging snow tunnels, and it's so much fun to watch them. There's the usual troubles of some kids stomping and ruining other kids' tunnels, but overall it's good fun. They work so hard at these things and really enjoy them.

Two groups of boys continue to play soccer, despite the ice and snow. It's cute to watch the bundled-up 5-year olds kicking the ball around and sliding on the ice.

In front of our apartment, the snow was shoveled quickly, just like last year. But this year someone took the time to make an ice slide out of the small mountain of packed snow that was shoveled to one side. They made steps going up one side and a slick slide going down the other. Sophia and her friend discovered this one day, and had quite a bit of fun going up and down that thing.

Last year, when we returned to Astana shortly after the New Year, it was freezing cold. I started wearing my ski goggles to school. Sophia didn't have any and was cold. This year so far, there has been no need for snow goggles. The temperature has ranged from -10 to -20 Celsius, with very little wind and clear skies. It was been very nice!

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