Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Getting used to the United States

For the most part, my culture shock upon returning to the US has been minimal. But a few things surprised me.

1) When random people talk to me, I can UNDERSTAND THEM. So I can do more than just smile and nod and hope that they didn't say anything that required a response. (The other option, in Kazakhstan, is to try to explain that I don't speak the language, but when it's a random comment it's usually MUCH easier to just smile and nod. But sometimes the person will keep talking or expect a response. And sometimes, when I answer in English, "I don't speak Russian," they don't get it. So then I say it in Russian. And they can't understand me because of my accent. And still they try to talk to me!!!)

2) The other day I was at a pizza buffet. I was looking at the pizzas. I said, "What's this?" --to myself because who else would I be talking to? Sophia wasn't next to me. But the guy behind the counter ANSWERED ME. And I could UNDERSTAND him! Pretty unexpected!!!

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