Sunday, May 17, 2015

Lake Pasheno in Karkaraly National Park

Our hotel, жемчужина (or Pearl), is located a short ways south of the town of Karkaraly.  There seemed to be a few other hotels in that area, though I'm not sure if they're operating.  One guide book implied that fewer people are going to Karkaraly now than in the past, and I found very few hotels listed on the web site.

One other hotel was near ours and definitely open - Shakhter - which is a resort hotel with a gate and a guard.

We had to go along a dirt path in the woods to get to our hotel, and we made a wrong turn down a narrow and rocky dirt path that led to a dead end.  But we finally made it to our hotel, checked in, and ate lunch.  We were late for lunch, but they had saved some food for us anyways.

After 9 hours of driving, I was exhausted, so my friends took Sophia for a 2-hour walk around the lake.  They said there were plenty of mosquitoes as well as unusually shaped rocks and bent trees, which they had plenty of fun climbing.

Here are some photos from the hike; none taken by me, of course.

Lake Pasheno

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