Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mimioriya - a children's play area

A few Saturdays ago, Sophia was invited to a classmate's birthday party. It was located at the Saryarka Mall, which is near our house. On the second floor in the mall is a place called Mimioriya, which is where the party was held. I'd seen this place before but had never gone into it.

Mimioriya is like a child's dreamland. When you enter, you first encounter the cashier; then you can cross over a small bridge to a colorful land that looks very much like a place where you'd find fairies. You walk down a small path and can choose between several small cottages, again, looking like fairies' homes. One looks somewhat like a mushroom; one has a Japanese look; one is Kazakh, designed like a camel.

Inside each cottage is an artsy activity, with an adult ready to help you. There are spaces for 4 to 6 children at each table. The art project takes approximately 45 minutes to complete, with the adult walking the child through each step. Sophia made a painting on glass; she also made a cat out of playdough-like material.

It's calm and serene and I can imagine being a very happy child here! There's also a pirate ship, but I didn't get to see that. On the other side, there are tables and places to sit and eat, and the children can even help bake things.

Sophia had a good time at the party; when it was over, I even paid 1000 Tenge for her to do one more activity. I'm not completely sure how the pricing works. I know one activity is 1500 Tenge ($10) and each subsequent one is 1000 Tenge. It seems like a great place for a children's party!

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